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Mesa, AZ

With temps often reaching into the triple digits, summers in Mesa, Arizona aren’t for the faint of heart, but the mild winters more than make up for it. Built on a rich and colorful history of Native American culture and explorers from far and wide, modern-day Mesa continues to grow and thrive on roots set down so long ago. In fact, the Hohokam Indians, whose time in the area dates back more than two thousand years, built the 125-mile-long canal system that the city still uses today!

Currently, the city’s real estate market is hot, with Mesa homes for sale listed at a median price of $249,900. Mesa house hunters should check out the wide range of neighborhoods, including Queen Creek, a farm town turned bustling community, and family-friendly Eastmark.

Mesa has experienced tremendous growth every decade save for the 1920s, when the national economy went south. Today, property taxes are among the lowest in the nation, and the area boasts access to a bustling economy, great schools and pleasant weather. There’s no shortage of fun for history buffs, who are sure to enjoy the many Native American and pioneer-related learning opportunities. Kids especially love to pan for gold and see “real” Old West gunfights in action. Then, head to the Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine Tour to hear true tales of spooks and spurs.

Although the Old West is relegated largely to the past, there’s still plenty of modern desert fun to be had. Usery Mountain Regional Park has more than 3,500 acres of land to its credit, including hanging gardens and the Wind Cave Trail. Nearby lakes and rivers offer relief from the heat, and are particularly popular with boaters and tubers. Mesa is also known as a bicycle-friendly community, with bike lanes snaking through the city and into the mountains and desert.

Residents and visitors alike should also be sure to check out the epic display known as the Mesa Arizona Temple Gardens Christmas Lights, attended by over a million people each year. The area also features a number of art galleries and theaters for those who seek cultural enrichment.

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