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Minneapolis, MN

Newcomers to Minneapolis are often pleasantly surprised — by both its people and the city’s progressive vibe. One of the famous "Twin Cities" (capital St. Paul is right next door), Minneapolis residents are very educated, with the city among the most literate of populations in the country. An emphasis on philanthropy and volunteerism has garnered national recognition, and this proud midwestern city is also known for its diversity and tolerance. And while Minneapolis winters aren’t for the faint of heart, the mild, bike-friendly summers take quite a bit of the edge off. Plus, extra pains have been taken over the years to minimize residents' exposure to extreme weather during winter months. Take, for instance, the Minneapolis Skyway, a network of bridges that connect buildings throughout the downtown area to the tune of 69 blocks and seven miles.

The Minneapolis real estate market is hot right now, with home prices expected to continue to rise in the coming years. Minneapolis homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $270,000. Homes for sale in Minneapolis can be found in popular neighborhoods like Lowry Hill, Lynnhurst and Ventura Village.

Minneapolis sets itself apart by being unapologetically unique. Much of this is reflected in the city’s creative festival culture. For example, the world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival — attended by about 10,000 people — was established in Minneapolis in 2012. The Loppet urban cross-country ski festival and races is another must-attend event.

The diverse music scene is also a major selling point for newcomers. In fact, the late musician Prince, who pioneered the funk rock “Minneapolis Sound,” called the city home.

When it comes to pastimes, people looking to while away the day shopping need look no further than the legendary Mall of America for some retail therapy. The local waterways are also a draw, not surprising since Minnesota is known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes." Ice fishing is popular in the winter, but the warmer months will find boats buzzing around the lakes, with kayaks and boats dotting the Mississippi River. Sporting events are big-time in Minneapolis, which hosted the 2018 Super Bowl, and is the permanent home to the Minnesota Vikings football team, as well as Minnesota Twins baseball, Minnesota Timberwolves basketball and Minnesota Wild hockey.

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