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Mobile, AL

When you think of Mardi Gras, the city of New Orleans may come to mind, but to this day, Mobile, Alabama, claims to have the oldest Mardi Gras celebration in the United States. This coastal city, located on the north-central shores of the Gulf Coast, with a population of 192,904, is the third most populous city in Alabama.

Mobile is one of the Gulf Coast’s cultural and tourism centers, with a symphony orchestra, professional ballet, a large concentration of historic homes and many museums. There are several colleges in Mobile, including the University of South Alabama, University of Mobile and Spring Hill College. At Mobile’s Battleship Memorial Park, you can climb aboard Battleship USS Alabama or explore the submarine USS Drum and over 25 other rare and historic aircraft. For outdoor enthusiasts, take a trip to the white sand beaches nearby or visit one of the amazing bird sanctuaries.

Mobile is known for having more players in the MLB Hall of Fame (think Hank Aaron, Ozzie Smith and Satchel Paige) than any other city except for New York and Los Angeles. Other famous Mobilians include musical icon Jimmy Buffett and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Port of Mobile plays a significant role in the city’s economy, and is supplemented with growing sectors in aerospace, healthcare and retail. Airbus has a manufacturing facility in Mobile and Carnival Cruise Line offers numerous cruises that set sail out of Mobile.

Foodies will enjoy the local cuisine in Mobile, with many different restaurants from which to choose. Wild-caught Gulf shrimp, crabs and oysters are staple items, but other delicacies include Southern-fried chicken, collard greens and the ever-favorite slow-cooked pit barbecue.

The median home value of real estate in Mobile is $111,200. Some of Mobile’s more popular neighborhoods include College Park, a tree-lined area with many shops and businesses that draws a younger crowd. Another popular neighborhood in Mobile with plenty of amenities is Berkleigh, an area with a country like setting that features homes set on larger lots. In the Country Club neighborhood, the homes tend to be higher end, many with swimming pools and shopping close by.

If the idea of a coastal city, steeped in tradition and its own Southern charm, appeals to you, then Mobile may just be the place for you to call home.

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