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Moreno Valley, CA

This Southern California city has experienced explosive growth in the last decades, bringing with it excellent job opportunities and a real estate market that's friendly to a younger demographic. Moreno Valley is known for being a "geographic crossroads," as it is surrounded by mountains and valleys. Perhaps the most prominent landmark, seen from nearly any part of the city, is Box Springs Mountain, which is home to a diverse wildlife population and serves as an emblem of sorts for the city of Moreno. Residents enjoy a range of hiking options, not only on Box Springs Mountain but also on the San Bernardino and the San Jacinto Mountains, which are close by. Hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers have easy access to a plethora of trails, suitable for any level of experience.

Families can learn at the Western Science Center, which celebrates the history of the Moreno Valley and houses artifacts like "Max" the mastodon and "Xena" the mammoth. Likewise, the Ya'i Heki' Regional Indian Museum offers residents a first-hand education on the indigenous tribes of the area, with live demonstrations and talks about the tribes that lived in the Valley.

Moreno Valley is home to an ethnically diverse range of restaurants. Favorite dishes include the homemade bread at Simple Simons and the house-made tortillas at the uber authentic D.F. Tamales. The warm weather in Moreno Valley allows for pleasant, courtyard dining with al fresco options like The Mission Inn and Las Campanas. If you're in the mood for some wine, choose from local favorites, including the award-winning Fallbrook Winery or learn from the experts at Little Black Glass tasting room.

Buying a home in Moreno Valley is accessible, with list prices around $345,000. Because of the recent population influx, the market is competitive, but there is new construction being introduced to the market every day. Favorite neighborhoods are often planned developments, and buyers gravitate toward areas like Sunnymead Ranch, with its well-stocked lake for fishing, or Hidden Springs, which is up in the hills and perfect for privacy seekers. Investing in a home in Moreno Valley is a wise move for buyers looking for an up-and-coming area with affordable real estate and nearby amenities.

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