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Newark, NJ

Newark offers its residents the best of both worlds: proximity to New York City and an accessibly priced cost of living. Located just a short distance from the Big Apple, Newark is home to an increasingly vibrant community widely considered to be the "next Brooklyn." Once an urban area in economic decline, Newark, New Jersey's largest city, is now considered an excellent option for people looking for alternatives to Manhattan prices. It has room to grow too (unlike other nearby areas), with developers putting over $1.5 billion into local infrastructure and real estate. Feel free to live sans car, as public transportation in Newark is excellent, with options that include subway, train and ferry, as well as bus routes.

Nightlife is vibrant, and the local restaurant scene is vast, offering foods from all over the world. Check out the historic Ironbound area for a wide range of ethnic food options, with particular emphasis on Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese cuisine. Stop by Iberia Peninsula for their world-famous seafood, followed by a treat from the longstanding sweet shop, Nastos Old World Desserts.

Art lovers of all kinds flock to Newark for the Newark Museum, GlassWorks Studios and public art displays that can be found throughout the city. Sports fans can get their fix at the Prudential Center, where the beloved Jersey Devils play, or at a game that features the more low-key independent baseball team, the Newark Bears.

With an average home costing around $200,000, putting down roots in Newark is a much more financially accessible option than Manhattan and Brooklyn, while still being a close commute to NYC for work or play. Home appreciation is up by 4 percent, making it an excellent time to buy. Real estate in Newark is most popular in well-established, amenity dense neighborhoods like Ironbound and Riverside, with other up-and-coming areas coming to the forefront through new luxury development. Newark is experiencing an influx of younger people, securing the region's reputation as a perfect place for young families to settle.

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