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Newport News, VA

Take a drive to the end of the Virginia Peninsula, along the north shore of the James River, and you will find the diverse city of Newport News, Virginia. This coastal city has a population of 183,000 and is located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area of the state.

Newport News was named in honor of English Captain Christopher Newport. The captain was known to make many trips back and forth from Jamestown to Newport, with news of supplies and settlers. It is believed that these trips became known as Newport News, and subsequently became the full name of the city.

Newport News is famous for its shipbuilding industry, employing the largest number of people in the state. Newport News Shipbuilding is the sole designer and builder of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, and one of two providers of U.S. Navy submarines. The history of ships is proudly displayed in Newport News’ Mariners’ Museum, which is one of the largest maritime museums in the world.

This award-winning city made to it on Newsweek’s annual list of metros with the best schools in the country for five consecutive years. Newport News is known for gorgeous scenery and it also has the distinction of having the second largest city park in the United States.

Other Newport News awards include state recognition for sustainable energy practices and citizen involvement in environmental initiatives. Popular Science Magazine also named Newport News as one of the country’s greenest cities.

Newport News and surrounding areas are known for the huge assortment of golf courses, which make this community a golfer’s paradise.

If you love food (and who doesn’t?), you will not be disappointed with the selection of restaurants in the city, and you can sample them all at the annual Newport News Restaurant Week. Newport News hosts three different farmer's markets in town, offering the best of the area’s locally grown produce.

To satisfy your taste for art and culture, Newport News has you covered, with four theaters in the city that provide a vast array of musical and theatrical performances. And with close proximity to Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, there is never a shortage of things to do in this area.

The median home value in Newport News is $173,000. Kiln Creek and Hilton Village, planned communities that feature a "village concept" style, are popular neighborhoods in the area.

If the idea of an award-winning Southeast coastal city appeals to you, then look no further than Newport News, Virginia.

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