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North Las Vegas, NV

If you’re moving to the Las Vegas metro area, you will be choosing between Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. Of the three, North Las Vegas is the best value; you can get more for your money in this quiet city. The median sales price of houses here is $220,000 (for this price you can get a two- or three-bedroom house with a garage) and median rent is $1,350 a month. Sixty two percent of residents are homeowners.

Set against a beautiful desert landscape, North Las Vegas is a peaceful, quiet reprieve from the bright lights of Las Vegas, but it’s only about 30 minutes from the Strip, so it’s perfect for people who work in the casinos and hotels. Residents are mostly married couples and families; only 24 percent of residents are single. North Las Vegas is also home to a lot of military families, as Nellis Air Force Base is right nearby. North Las Vegas has a reputation for having some rough neighborhoods, so it’s important to know where to shop around. Aliante is the most popular neighborhood for residents moving into the area. Eldorado and the gated community of North Gate are also worth checking out.

If the glowing neon lights of Las Vegas don’t lure you, there are plenty of other ways to spend your time in the Las Vegas metro area. Some of America’s finest natural wonders, like the Grand Canyon, are just a short drive away. There’s also the Hoover Dam, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Lake Meade. Right in town, you’ve got two golf courses and a number of parks and bike trails.

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