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Oakland, CA

Just a hop, skip and a bay away from San Francisco, Oakland is an eclectic and progressive spot in west-central California that is known for its activist community and upstart businesses. Located on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is ideal for those who appreciate culture, seafood and an overall great way of life. The city is welcoming to anyone and everyone, clearly reflected by the more than 125 languages spoken in the area. In addition, Oakland is a popular home for members of the LGBTQ community, as well as just about every ethnic group. A buyers’ market right now, Oakland homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $599,000. Oakland homes for sale can be found in popular and welcoming neighborhoods like the quiet Dimond District, Glenview or the Jack London District, known for its views of the San Francisco Bay. Highly walkable Rockridge is another popular choice for young professionals and families looking to stretch their legs and horizons.

Craft beer enthusiasts need look no further than the Oakland Ale Trail for an experience that embraces both the early roots of the industry as well as modern tastes. The Oakland Urban Wine Trail is another fun, easily walkable jaunt for those visitors and residents who want to experience the area’s unique wine scene, with wineries found in renovated warehouse spaces. Foodies can also delight in all types of cuisine by visiting any of Oakland’s award-winning restaurants, or by signing up for the Uptown Oakland Food & Drinks Tour, which features delicacies from some of the city’s best chefs.

Outdoor enthusiasts will undoubtedly revel in the bizarrely large amount of things to do in and around Oakland. Obviously, the bay provides boating and other water sports opportunities. Lake Merritt is another popular water destination, which also serves as a wildlife refuge. Oakland also features more than 100,000 acres of parks and trails, including Angel Island, Tilden Regional Park and Joaquin Miller Park, which all boast a plethora of hiking and outdoor activities.

Spectator sports are especially hot in Oakland, as the city is the proud home of Golden State Warriors professional basketball, as well as the Oakland Athletics baseball and Oakland Raiders football teams. Of course, there’s plenty to do with the kiddos, from the Oakland Zoo to the storybook-themed Children’s Fairyland, an amusement park said to have inspired the great Walt Disney when planning Disneyland. Oakland is also home to many great museums, including the USS Hornet Museum, Oakland Museum of California, Lawrence Hall of Science and the Chabot Space and Science Center.

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