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Oakridge, Garland

Oakridge is a neighborhood within Garland, Texas, which is located in the Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington metropolitan area.

Oakridge offers a slower-paced environment and will appeal to those who enjoy spending time in green spaces. This part of the city is reasonably quiet, as there are low levels of noise from traffic. Lastly, the greenery in this neighborhood is not prominent; however, although the neighborhood is not home to any public green spaces, parks are very well-distributed in nearby neighborhoods, making it easy to access them.

Oakridge experienced its biggest housing boom in the 1980s, so most of the available properties are from this era. In this part of Garland, most of the dwellings are single detached homes, and the remaining properties are mainly large apartment buildings. Roughly 80% of the units in the neighborhood are occupied by home owners whereas the rest are rented. This part of the city is primarily composed of four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes.

In Oakridge, property buyers will commonly be able to get to both primary and secondary schools on foot. When it comes to food, a supermarket is usually reachable within a reasonably short walk from any location in Oakridge. A limited number of restaurants can be found in this neighborhood as well.

The favored transportation option in Oakridge is very often driving. It is very convenient to come across a parking spot. However, commuting by public transit is challenging in Oakridge. Nevertheless, the neighborhood is connected by a few bus lines, and the nearest bus stop is usually just around the corner. There are relatively few pedestrians out on the streets of this area, although running common errands is easy.

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