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Orangeville Industrial Area, Baltimore

The neighborhood of Orangeville Industrial Area is located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Despite the somewhat busy feel, there are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Orangeville Industrial Area. There are a few public green spaces close by for residents to check out, like Frank C Bocek Park, and they are especially well-situated, which makes it easy to get to them. Finally, this area is a fairly good area for those who don't mind a little noise, since traffic during busier hours of the day can occasionally be loud, although that is not always the case in the neighborhood.

Many of the dwellings are townhouses, making it easy to find townhouses in Orangeville Industrial Area, whereas the rest are mainly single detached homes. This part of Baltimore has a selection of housing size options, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. About 60% of the units in the neighborhood are occupied by renters while the rest are occupied by owners. A majority of the housing growth in this area happened prior to the 1960s.

It is very often practical for house buyers in Orangeville Industrial Area to buy general and specialty groceries by walking. Moreover, this part of Baltimore is a fairly good place in which to go out to eat. A good variety of clothing stores can also be found within a rather short walking distance. Concerning education, both primary and secondary schools are convenient to get to on foot from any location in Orangeville Industrial Area.

No matter the mode of transportation, it is reasonably simple to travel in Orangeville Industrial Area. The reasonably good public transit infrastructure allows people to get to many destinations without needing a car. For instance, there are a few bus lines traversing the neighborhood, and most houses are very close to a bus stop. Orangeville Industrial Area is also a very convenient part of Baltimore for pedestrians; most daily needs are very easy to meet on foot, and plenty of businesses are quite close by. This neighborhood is reasonably bicycling-friendly as there are a good number of bike lanes.

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