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Palestine East, Kansas City

The neighborhood of Palestine East is situated in the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

The character of Palestine East is exemplified by its relaxed ambience. This part of the city is very good for those who prefer quiet areas, as there are generally low levels of noise from traffic. Lastly, access to public green spaces, like Seven Oaks Park, is easy from many locations within the neighborhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to unwind in.

The population residing in Palestine East is evenly split between renters and owners. The predominant housing types in this part of the city are single detached homes and townhouses. Most of the housing growth in this neighborhood occurred prior to the 1960s. This part of the city is particularly good for those looking for two bedroom homes.

Both primary and secondary schools are easy to get to on foot from anywhere in Palestine East. Regarding food, the closest supermarket in this part of Kansas City is typically only a short walk away.

The preferred approach to navigate this part of the city is very often a car. It is a short drive to the closest highway from any home in Palestine East, and parking is quite easy. On the other hand, this part of Kansas City is not very transit friendly. Thankfully, there are a few bus lines crossing the neighborhood, and bus stops are typically nearby. A majority of the homes for sale in this neighborhood are located in places that are not particularly suitable for walking because most daily needs are sometimes difficult to carry out on foot.

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