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Pasadena, TX

Pasadena is an ethnically diverse city located in southeast Texas, about 14 miles from Houston. The population of Pasadena is 153,520, making it the 19th largest city in the Lone Star State.

Early on, Pasadena was an agricultural and ranching community, but in 1901 the Texas Oil Boom began with the gusher at Spindletop, located in nearby Beaumont. By the mid-20th century, Pasadena's economy became highly tied to petroleum and other heavy industry. In 1963, NASA’s Johnson Space Center was established near Pasadena. Today, the city's key economic sectors include petroleum and gas-related industries, solar panel manufacturing, maritime shipping, aerospace and healthcare. But there’s one more industry that Pasadena is known for and that is strawberries. In 1900, the American Red Cross sent Pasadena 1.5 million strawberry plants after a hurricane devastated the city. Thirty years later the crops had flourished so much that Pasadena became the Strawberry Capital of the World. To celebrate this beloved fruit, each year more than 50,000 strawberry lovers flock to Pasadena for the Pasadena Strawberry Festival, which includes a beauty pageant, mud volleyball tournaments, live entertainment and more.

Pasadena embraces its cowboy culture and if you want to blend in, don’t forget your cowboy boots, an essential wardrobe element in Pasadena. Each year, residents look forward to the Pasadena Livestock Show and Rodeo, a 65-year local tradition. Movie buffs will be interested to know that the movie “Urban Cowboy,” starring John Travolta, was set and filmed right here in Pasadena.

Communing with nature is easy to do in Pasadena. The Armand Bayou Nature Center is the largest urban wildlife preserve in the nation. Visitors can enjoy more than 370 species of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals in the forests and marshlands on this 2,500-acre preserve.

Pasadena promotes outdoor recreation and wellness with four youth recreation centers, five swimming pools, an athletics department, a golf course and a total of 43 parks. There is a nice selection of restaurants in Pasadena that suit a variety of tastes. Here you will find authentic Mexican, Cajun, Italian, Japanese and Chinese food. There are several shopping centers and malls in Pasadena, with the Houston Galleria a short distance away.

The median home value in Pasadena is $144,100. The most popular neighborhoods include Clear Lake and Pearland, both located in the southern sections of the city.

If you like the idea of living in a southeast Texas city near Houston with plenty of amenities, Pasadena may be a choice for you.

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