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Plano, TX

If you seek a Texas city that has it all, then look no further than Plano, Texas. Quality of life is what draws residents to this shining city.

In 2017, Plano made it to’s list of top 100 cities in the USA. This large city of 286,057 residents is the ninth largest community in Texas. Plano is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, and sits just 20 miles north of Dallas.

Known for excellence in education, in Plano you will find 70 public schools, 16 private schools and two college campuses. The percentage of residents with college degrees is very high (exceeding the national average) and residents generally earn a higher than average income.

The outstanding educational environment contributes significantly to the economic health of the city. Plano is the hub of more than 25 corporate headquarters, including Pizza Hut, Frito-Lay, Cinemark Theatres and JCPenney. Employment opportunities abound in Plano in the banking, technology, medical and advanced manufacturing industries.

Plano is an ethnically diverse city, and offers over 700 restaurants, a unique mix of shops, boutiques and galleries and three performing arts venues.

To satisfy your recreational interests, Plano offers two large nature preserves, 84 park sites, five recreational centers, several libraries, and 150 baseball fields and tennis courts combined. Plano also hosts the state’s largest annual Hot Air Balloon festival, a three-day event filled with balloon launches, fireworks, sky diving exhibitions and community performances.

Plano real estate ranks among the most expensive in America, with a median home value of $340,100. However there are many neighborhoods where you can find a range of prices. There is a high volume of newer homes for sale in Plano, with many homes featuring in-ground swimming pools to help beat the Texas summer heat. Beautifully landscaped yards are the norm in Plano, and expect interiors to incorporate luxe fixtures.

Glen Heather is an ideal neighborhood for singles, as there are many retail establishments that cater to the singles crowd. The Stoney Hollow neighborhood offers a convenient public transportation system and is a popular area for married couples. The Willow Bend neighborhood draws families, with prices that exceed $1.6M.

With everything that this wonderful community has to offer, Plano, Texas, is a city that would certainly make everyone’s top 100 list!

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