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Randals-Wards Island, New York

The neighborhood of Randals-Wards Island is located in the city of New York, New York.

Despite the somewhat busy feel, there are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Randals-Wards Island. To be more specific, parks, such as Randall's Island Park and Wards Island Park, are especially well-located and there are a few of them nearby for residents to visit, which makes it very easy to reach them. Despite the abundance of public green spaces, a large number of streets have sub-par tree coverage. Finally, this part of New York is a great area for those who aren't bothered by a little noise, as during busier hours of the day, traffic can occasionally be bothersome.


In Randals-Wards Island, property buyers will often be able to reach primary schools by walking. On the other hand, there are no high schools in Randals-Wards Island. Regarding food, house buyers in this part of the city will welcome that a general and a specialty grocery store is always only a rather short walk away. Furthermore, there are 0 restaurants and 0 coffee shops to benefit from in Randals-Wards Island.

No matter the medium of transportation, it is very straightforward to move around in Randals-Wards Island. Traveling by public transit is very easy in this area due to a few nearby bus lines. Randals-Wards Island is also reasonably suitable for walking; most day-to-day needs can be met without the use of a car, and numerous businesses are very close by. Getting around by bicycle is easy in Randals-Wards Island since this part of the city boasts a fairly good cycling infrastructure.

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