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Rochester, NY

Located on Lake Ontario in Western New York, Rochester was America's first "boomtown," thanks to the city's many flour factories. The "Flour City" enjoyed many prosperous years, which paved the way for a city full of beautiful historic neighborhoods and homes. A city with a long-time dedication to civil rights, Rochester was once the home of infamous suffragette Susan B. Anthony as well the worker's rights activist Emma Goldman.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Rochester's many public parks, greenways and park systems, mainly designed by the famous greenspace architect Frederick Olmstead. Golf aficionados will find their happy place in Rochester, as the city is considered one of the top 10 spots for golf in the country. In fact, the prestigious Oak Hill Country Club is famously known for hosting several PGA tournaments.

Downtown Rochester offers its residents a diverse range of dining options, an active nightlife and a tempting shopping scene. During the day, hit one of the many locally owned coffee shops or stop by one of Rochester's food trucks for a creatively concocted bite to eat. If you're looking for more than a snack, try Rochester's multi-ingredient export, The Garbage Plate, from the infamous Nick Tahou Hots restaurant. Wash it down with a brew from one of the city's many breweries, including Sweetwater Brewing Company and Three Heads Brewing. Rochester's festival scene is huge and includes the fragrant Lilac Festival in May, a yearly jazz festival and the Clothesline Arts Festival, which allows artists, musicians and designers to showcase their work.

Favorite neighborhoods include the "urban by choice" Ward 19, a historic area that boasts a more modern, renovated-industrial style of home. Also popular is the beach community of Charlotte, a beloved summer destination among Rochesterians. South Wedge District has seen an uptick in trendy restaurants and shopping, due, in part, to its proximity to RIT and the many students buying and renting there. In general, real estate in Rochester continues to hold steady, with a median home price hovering around $110,000 in a robust and well-stocked market. Buying a home in Rochester is an excellent choice for people who seek a welcoming community in an urban setting.

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