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Saint Paul, MN

Landing on many a Best Place To Live List, St. Paul is a city that appeals to all ages. It’s drawing in both an older crowd looking to downsize while still being a part of a vibrant community as well as younger people eager to be part of a walkable city full of exciting restaurants, breweries and retail spaces.

Cold temperatures don't keep the locals from their fun. St. Paul is home to an exceptionally lively brewery scene, with favorites including 12welve Eyes Brewing, Bad Weather Brewing and Lake Monster Brewing Company. A foodies delight (it's the home of Spam, after all), St. Paul boasts a vibrant and varied restaurant scene with lots of businesses focusing on upscale home cooking with signature twists. The city has seen a real food and drink revival as of late, with restaurants opening in areas that were once mostly abandoned. This uptick in exciting new openings, along with a genuine commitment to public transportation, only speaks to the growth of St. Paul as an attractive place to buy a home.

The long winters eventually give way to absolutely beautiful summers that provide a balmy backdrop to nearby hiking and a plethora of outdoor activities. Most notable is St. Paul's famous Como Park, which is home to a zoo, a conservatory and an amusement park as well as many the outdoor concert.

Buying a home in St. Paul means you're buying in a growing area with an ever-strengthening economy and community. Neighborhood styles and vibes are vast. If you're looking for history, try Cathedral Hill, which overlooks downtown and is the birthplace of F. Scott Fitzgerald. If a more modern neighborhood is your thing, look for a place in Lowertown, which is made up of old warehouses renovated into condos and apartments. Demand is driving new and exciting real estate development, residential projects popping up to accommodate the surge of people relocating to St. Paul. With an impressive local scene and a booming housing market, St. Paul real estate is a safe (and lucrative) bet.

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