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Salt Lake City, UT

Landing on more "Best of" and "Top Ten" lists than nearly any other city, Salt Lake City is truly an outstanding place to make a home. The largest city in Utah, SLC is a hiker's dream, a skier's top choice and a beer snob's best friend. Surrounded by mountains, it's known as Ski City due to its legendary ski resorts and excellent conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Consistently finding itself on best hiking city lists, Salt Lake City is circled by some of the most stunning vistas in the world.

Some of the best hikes include White Mountain Lake, which circles around an intensely blue lake, and the unique Donut Falls, which features a waterfall that cascades through a large hole in the rock. SLC offers trails that challenge the seasoned hiker and entirely captivate the novice. Trails aren't just for hiking either; they're also perfect for mountain biking and offer novice to intermediate options.

After a day in the outdoors, head into Downtown to enjoy world-class restaurants, shopping and breweries. If spicy and flavorful Mexican is what you're craving, try the Red Iguana, where you can order a sampler of their famous moles. If it's BBQ you want, head over to the family owned R&R BBQ for melt-in-your-mouth ribs and hush puppies. Wash it all down with a beloved limeaid from Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeaid or if you prefer something with more punch make your way to one of SLC's many local breweries. Favorites include Epic, which brews some seriously strong brews, and Unita Brewing Company, which brews its beers using all solar and wind power. After all this eating, walk it off by meandering through some of Salt Lake's many museums, including the Natural History Museum or The Leonardo, a unique museum that marries science and technology with the arts.

Real estate in Salt Lake City is competitive but accessible. With home prices hovering around $500,000 and an attractive stock to choose from, homes, condos and duplexes are widely available in styles from log cabins to craftsman. Popular neighborhoods include Rose Park, whose developer arranged the streets to look like roses from above, and The Avenues, a younger, more progressive area of the city. Whether you're looking to put down roots in a vibrant and exciting city or wanting to retire in proximity to the mountains, buying a home in Salt Lake City is a perfect choice.

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