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San Bernardino, CA

Located just 60 miles east of Los Angeles in an area known as the Inland Empire, San Bernardino is one of the oldest communities in the Golden State. The city is located in the San Bernardino foothills at the eastern portion of the San Bernardino Valley, and is the 17th largest city in the state.

The San Bernardino Valley is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts, with its 35 parks and three golf courses. It is conveniently located within close proximity to the mountains, skiing, deserts and beaches. San Bernardino boasts several breathtaking natural attractions, including the San Bernardino Mountains and the San Bernardino National Forest.

San Bernardino is known for the annual “Return to Route 66 Rendezvous” festival. Route 66 was the first highway to connect Chicago and the Midwest to Southern California, and it ran through downtown San Bernardino. Other popular events in San Bernardino include the San Bernardino Arts Festival, National Night Out and the San Bernardino International Airport Airshow.

Another fun fact is that in 1940, Dick and Maurice McDonald opened McDonald’s Barbecue Restaurant in San Bernardino, which eventually led to the launch of the famous fast food restaurant franchise. The first restaurant is now a museum.

In San Bernardino you will find multiple art and concert venues. Other options for entertainment include catching a Broadway play or enjoying a performance by the city’s symphony orchestra. The Glen Helen Amphitheater is the largest outdoor amphitheater in the United States and hosts many events throughout the year.

In mid-2017, San Bernardino emerged from a state of bankruptcy declared in 2012. The city has made significant strides to rebuild public safety, bolster economic development and make improvements to quality of life. The region is now becoming an important hub for logistics and manufacturing, and growth is occurring in robotics, health care and business services. There are two colleges in the city: California State University San Bernardino and San Bernardino Valley College.

San Bernardino is known for its relatively low-cost housing. The median home value for real estate in San Bernardino is $272,000. Some of the more popular neighborhoods in San Bernardino include the Arrowhead and Roosevelt neighborhoods, noted for being safe and family friendly areas.

If you are looking for a more affordable town in Southern California, a visit to San Bernardino could be something to consider.

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