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San Diego, CA

Sun, surf and good vibes are what you’ll find in San Diego. With gorgeous vistas, beaches and perfect weather nearly every day, it’s hard to have a bad day in this southern California gem. Convinced?

If you decide to move, homes for sale in San Diego will set you back a little over $500,000. And it’s a sellers’ market; real estate prices in San Diego are expected to rise 3.3 percent over the next year. The San Diego real estate market is split 5/50 between homebuyers and renters. Some hot neighborhoods for young renters are Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach Mission Beach and Hillcrest. Home buyers with a little more cash should check out La Jolla, Mission Hills and Encinitas.

San Diego manages to seamlessly blend young bohemian beach communities with high-end luxury neighborhoods on the cliffs. And speaking of cliffs, they’re gorgeous. You will find both tourists and residents perched atop them watching the sunset, hiking or trekking down to the beach, surfboards in tow.

San Diego is southern California’s “chill” answer to a major city. Where LA is full-speed ahead, San Diego likes to take its time. But there’s no escaping that California traffic. While not nearly as bad as in Los Angeles, traffic in San Diego can mount as a whopping 93 percent of residents commute to work by car.

There are a few things you must do in San Diego: hike Torrey Pines, eat a fish taco, check out art and architecture and Balboa Park and meet the animals at the famous San Diego Zoo, or just do as the San Diegans do and hang at the beach — nothing wrong with that.

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