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Santa Clarita, CA

Located just 30 miles north of Los Angeles is the city of Santa Clarita. With a population of 182,000, this family friendly city is the 24th largest city in the Golden State.

Santa Clarita is famous for its beautiful scenery, affordable housing, top-notch schools, low crime and Magic Mountain Amusement Park. This scenic city is a magnet for film studios, and hundreds of movies and TV shows have been filmed here. Other major industries adding to the vibrant economy include aerospace manufacturing, biomedical and high tech.

Santa Clarita is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and the 100 miles of trails and nearly 9,000 acres of rolling open space provide countless opportunities for outdoor recreation. And beach bums will love that the ocean is just 50 minutes away. If you love to golf, head over to the award-winning Robinson Ranch Golf Club, known as one of the best golf courses in California.

Seasonal events are Santa Clarita’s specialty, and there is always something going on. In the springtime there’s the Cowboy Festival, which features food, music and entertainment with a Western flair. In the summer, residents enjoy a free series of Saturday rock concerts held at Central Park. In the fall, Old Town Newhall transforms from a busy retail and dining destination by day to a thriving arts and entertainment district by night. And in the winter, the Santa Clarita Marathon, which is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon, draws huge numbers of participants and fans.

Santa Clarita is famous for its public art and there are displays sprinkled throughout the city in the form of sculptures, paintings, murals and fountains. Music is an important element here, and the Santa Clarita Philharmonic Orchestra provides the best in classical music to the local community.

Foodies will love the great line-up of restaurants in Santa Clarita. Whether it’s authentic Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese or casual fare, there is something to satisfy every palate. There are several breweries here, where you can sample different varieties of savory craft beer.

The median home value in Santa Clarita is $544,900, with plenty of great neighborhoods from which to choose. Stevenson Ranch features a lot of new, high-end construction and Valencia is popular for its location near shopping areas and for its outstanding schools.

If you are looking for a friendly and affordable West Coast city, check out Santa Clarita, California.

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