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Seattle, WA

In terms of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is THE city (just don't say that to people in Portland). It gave us grunge music, Starbucks, Amazon and Microsoft. Things like Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and one of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ most famous movies also might come to mind.

Today, young renters and home buyers are flocking to this city, thanks to its burgeoning food and arts scene. Fremont, the most “hipster” neighborhood in Seattle, has come alive with public art and unique bars. Capitol Hill (known as Cap Hill to locals) is another diverse neighborhood, and has one of the liveliest bar scenes in the city (check out Unicorn Bar for a trippy experience). And those looking for love in Seattle are in luck: About half the population is single.

Young families seeking to settle in will find Ballard a great option. There’s a popular Sunday market and plenty of breweries and restaurants, plus a safe and friendly atmosphere that’s ideal for little ones. Queen Anne is another good option, if you’re looking for somewhere family friendly.

Whether you’re a resident, future resident or just passing through, you really don’t know the city until you’ve seen certain sites. Waterfront Pike Place Market has been around for more than 100 years and is perhaps the most famous site in the city. Here, you’ll find world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, where fishmongers toss fish to be wrapped for customers. It’s also home to the very first Starbucks, where customers line up around the block for a fresh brew. (Spoiler alert: It’s pretty much the same as every other Starbucks).

Also be sure and check out the Olympic Sculpture Garden, the gum wall (it’s what you think it is — a wall plastered in chewed gum), the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit and, of course, make your way up to the top of the Space Needle.

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