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Sioux Falls, SD

The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is located in America’s heartland and, with a population of 183,200, it is the most populous city in the state. This friendly city’s namesake is the Sioux River, which flows through the city and terminates in natural waterfalls that are a beautiful sight to behold.

Once mainly an agriculture-based area, in the last half-century the Sioux Falls economy has become diversified in the areas of financial services, healthcare and retail trade.

When you think of a Midwest city, arts and culture may not come to mind, but Sioux Falls will surprise you with the depth of its vibrant cultural community. Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk is an exciting year-round exhibit of sculptures that add an element of artistic dimension to the historic downtown. The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra delights patrons with a nice lineup of performances and has won some major national awards. There are several top-notch museums to explore and for a fun night out, a concert or performance at the Orpheum Theater is always a hit.

The restaurant scene in Sioux Falls is impressive. There are over 700 restaurants that range from farm-to-table to elegant and ethnic. With all these choices, there is plenty to satisfy any palate. Whether you like downtown shopping, neighborhood boutiques or hitting the mall, Sioux Falls has it all when it comes to retail therapy. Love the outdoors? Walk from downtown Sioux Falls to the gorgeous 123-acre Falls Park, where an average of 7,400 gallons of water drop 100 feet over the course of the falls each second.

There are numerous annual festivals that residents can enjoy. Every summer, Downtown Sioux Falls also hosts "First Fridays," which is supported by local businesses and associations. The Downtown Riverfest is an annual Sioux Falls festival that embraces the beauty of the Big Sioux. The free Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Festival features music, food, children’s activities and much more.

The median home value in Sioux Falls is $181,700. The popular Park Ridge/Sioux Valley neighborhood of bungalows and split-level homes offers easy access to downtown and is popular with younger residents and families. Homes in Southeast Sioux Falls are located near schools, shopping, parks, restaurants and highways, with several new construction developments.

If you are looking for a friendly city with a strong community feel and plenty of cultural amenities, Sioux Falls could be the place you seek.

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