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Slate Hill, Columbus

Slate Hill is a neighborhood within Columbus, Ohio.

Slate Hill offers a calm environment and will appeal to those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Green spaces are especially well-distributed and there are a few of them nearby for residents to unwind in, making it easy to get to them. This area is also fairly good for those who enjoy a quiet atmosphere, as there are low levels of noise from traffic.

Around two thirds of the units in the neighborhood are occupied by renters whereas owners occupy the remainder. Small apartment buildings are the predominant housing type, representing roughly half of the dwellings in this part of the city, whereas the rest are mainly large apartment buildings, single detached homes, and townhouses. Most of the housing growth in this neighborhood happened in the 1980s. This neighborhood is particularly good for those looking for two bedroom homes.

It is a reasonably short walk to reach primary schools from any location in this part of Columbus. In contrast, Slate Hill does not contain any high schools. Concerning food, it is rarely possible for house buyers in this area to shop for groceries by walking. Nonetheless, pharmacies are generally convenient to access on foot and furnish some basic food items.

This neighborhood is very car friendly. Nearby highways are reasonably easy to drive to from anywhere in Slate Hill, and it is convenient to park. In contrast, this part of Columbus is not very transit friendly. Nonetheless, the neighborhood is connected by a few bus lines, and most properties are very close to a bus stop. Slate Hill is not particularly well-suited for traveling on foot as many daily needs are sometimes challenging to carry out without the use of a vehicle.

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