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South Linden, Columbus

The neighborhood of South Linden is situated in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

South Linden offers a relaxed environment and will appeal to those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Access to green spaces, such as Windsor Park and Maloney Park, is easy from the majority of locations in the neighborhood since there are a few of them nearby for residents to explore. This area is quiet overall, as there are generally low levels of noise from traffic - although that is not the case close to the railway line.

In South Linden, many of buildings are single detached homes, and the rest of the properties are mainly duplexes and townhouses. This neighborhood experienced its most significant housing boom before the 1960s, so most of the available homes are from this era. This area offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Renters occupy around 70% of the units in South Linden and 30% are occupied by owners.

It is a short walk to access primary as well as high schools from anywhere in South Linden. Residents can choose between public and private elementary schools. In terms of food, a supermarket is ordinarily accessible within a short walk from any location in South Linden. Likewise, those who like to dine in restaurants will have a good number of choices, and a small variety of cafes is available as well.

This part of Columbus will appeal to active people because it is suitable for traveling on foot; meeting daily needs is convenient by walking. South Linden is an extraordinarily good part of Columbus for driving. Nearby highways, such as Freeway, are very easy to access from any home in this area, and it is convenient to come across a parking spot. However, South Linden is not especially transit friendly. Nonetheless, home owners benefit from a few bus lines, and the closest bus stop is generally just around the corner.

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