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Spokane, WA

A couple hundred years ago, trappers and traders, having recognized the region as rich in wildlife, nature and general opportunity, began to settle the area that is now Spokane. Times have changed quite a bit since then, but those main principles have definitely not. Spokane, the second-largest city in Washington, is the hub of just about everything in the eastern portion of the state. Named for the tribe that populated the area, whose name means “children of the sun,” the city offers newcomers and residents a booming job market, with plenty of positions in diverse industries like forestry, agribusiness, aerospace, finance, healthcare and mining. The area also boasts a cost of living just under the national average, making it a more affordable location in which to raise a family and save for the future than many other big cities. Spokane homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $219,900. Homes for sale in Spokane can be found in neighborhoods like ultra-funky Vinegar Flats, the appropriately named neighborhood Peaceful Valley, as well as walkable Corbin Park.

Spokane’s landscape, scenery and general climate lend themselves beautifully to all kinds of outdoor activities. Clearly, the city’s proximity to the Spokane River and area lakes make it ideal for swimming, kayaking, whitewater rafting and fishing. The area is also welcoming to thrill-seekers interested in skydiving, ziplining and rock climbing. Sporting enthusiasts can hit any of the dozens of area golf courses, or trade their clubs for discs to participate in an active disc-golfing community. Cyclists can huff and puff up their choice of wooded or paved trails to enjoy beautiful views of the land below.

If you enjoy going to events, definitely expect to have a full calendar as a resident of Spokane. The annual Lilac Festival is a must-attend event, complete with activities to suit all types, from princess teas to the Armed Forces Torchlight Parade. Or, head to Valleyfest for a less conventional time, complete with canine competitions and bed races. Music festivals of all sizes and genres, including Elkfest and Volume Music Festival, also pepper the calendar. Looking for a different type of entertainment? Take your pick of casinos, breweries, wineries and dance clubs to get your fix of fun.

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