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Swamp, Jacksonville

The neighborhood of Swamp is situated within the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Swamp offers an extensive selection of green spaces to enjoy. There are a few parks close by for residents to visit, which makes it easy to reach them. Lastly, this part of Jacksonville can be rather noisy, since during rush hour, traffic can occasionally be bothersome, and there can also be much noise from businesses.

Renters occupy around all of the properties in Swamp while the rest are occupied by owners. In this part of Jacksonville, the majority of buildings are small apartment buildings, while large apartment buildings are the main alternative in the housing stock. This neighborhood did not experience a single housing boom; the construction of new dwellings in Swamp is spread throughout several decades in recent history. Although this neighborhood is particularly good for those looking for one bedroom homes.

The closest supermarket in Swamp is typically only a reasonably short walk away. Residents can enjoy around 30 restaurants and cafes as well. With regards to education, Swamp does not contain any high schools or primary schools.

A car is a great transportation option in this part of the city. The street layout is quite appropriate for driving, and it is very easy to access a place to park. However, Swamp is not very transit friendly. Thankfully, there are a few bus lines, and the nearest bus stop is generally close by. Many of the houses for sale in this part of Jacksonville are located in places that are not very conducive to walking because few daily errands can be run without needing to use a vehicle.

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