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Vinegar Hill, New York

The neighborhood of Vinegar Hill can be found in the city of New York, New York.

Vinegar Hill is a "jack-of-all-trades" when it comes to the feel of this neighborhood. Finding things to do is especially easy in this area. There are a large number of people around most of the time, there are many nearby entertainment venues, and with the bars in nearby neighborhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink as they are generally located very close by. Vinegar Hill is quiet overall, as there isn't a lot of street noise or city clamor. This area also features not that much greenery; to be more precise, residents will find that relatively few tree-lined streets are around. However, although the neighborhood is not home to any parks, green spaces are especially well-spread out in nearby neighborhoods, which results in them being very easy to access from the majority of locations in Vinegar Hill.

Renters occupy about 70% of the units in Vinegar Hill whereas the remainder are occupied by owners. The sizeable proportion of large apartment buildings in the housing stock of this area is an important part of its character. About 45% of properties in this area were constructed before the 1960s, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 2000s. This neighborhood is primarily composed of two bedroom and one bedroom homes.

Residents will find that wherever their property is situated in this part of New York, both primary and secondary schools are nearby. When it comes to food, it is very easy to get to both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from most homes for sale in Vinegar Hill. In addition, those who like to dine out won't have to walk far in this neighborhood, where a few restaurants and 0 cafes can be found. House buyers benefit from very many nearby clothing stores.

Vinegar Hill enables home buyers to travel by various methods of transportation. This neighborhood is an extremely pleasant part of New York for pedestrians; most daily needs are especially convenient to carry out on foot, and innumerable businesses of different types can be found as well. Bicycling is also straightforward in Vinegar Hill as bike-share stations are never more than a short distance away, and the bicycling infrastructure is good. This area benefits from an excellent public transit system. More precisely, there are no bus lines crossing the neighborhood. Driving is also a good medium of transportation in this neighborhood. Nearby highways are especially easy to access from any home in Vinegar Hill.

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