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Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is so packed with amenities that it makes residence seem more like a year-round vacation. The crown jewel of the town is obviously its pure, sandy beaches, teeming with local wildlife, like the snowy egret, bottle-nose dolphin, brown pelican and loggerhead sea turtle. The occasional humpback whale or American bald eagle can even be spotted!

Virginia Beach homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $280,000 (bald eagle not included). Buyers looking for Virginia Beach real estate have no shortage of neighborhoods from which to choose, including Hilltop, a favorite with young professionals, or Alanton, known for its great schools and family-friendly vibe.

Much of Virginia Beach is not on the water, but many locals head to the coast to enjoy a variety of favorite pastimes. The volleyball community is huge here, and fishing is a major hobby/competitive sport. In fact, it’s home to the yearly Mid-Atlantic Rockfish Tournament. It’s also one of few East Coast spots where surfers can catch a truly epic wave.

Seaside entertainment is alive and well at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The scene is hopping year-round, but especially in the summer, when fireworks and even a beach circus are standard issue. It’s also the site of the ultra-popular Neptune Festival, which includes the North American Sandsculpting Championship. The Virginia Wine Festival and Virginia Craft Beer Festival, both held in October, are more local favorite events.

Virginia Beach is also a thriving military town, with a number of bases to its credit. Don’t be surprised by the impressive military presence (including aircraft), because it’s par for the course here. Parks are also a common sight, with literally hundreds sprinkled around the city. Those of you with a taste for the unique should definitely head over to Mount Trashmore, a huge hill (60 feet high and 800 feet long and actually the highest point in the city) created by compacted clean soil and solid waste. While you’re there, enjoy the playgrounds, lakes, skate park and other amenities.

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