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Visalia, CA

Located 39 miles south of Fresno is the city of Visalia, and with a population of 134,074, Visalia is the largest city in Tulare County, California. This South Central California community is known as a family friendly city with a small town feel.

Visalia serves as the economic hub in the Sequoia Valley, one of the most productive agricultural areas in the nation. The primary crops grown in Visalia are grapes, olives, cotton and citrus. Light manufacturing and industrial/commercial distribution have become the fastest growing sectors of Visalia's economy.

Visalia lies within miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the tallest mountain range in the contiguous U.S. Visalia is also the closest major city to Sequoia National Park, home to the largest tree in the world, the astonishing 2,500-year-old giant General Sherman Sequoia tree. The city is sometimes referred to as “Where the Valley Meets the Giants.” Not only is Visalia near the mountains, but if you love the ocean, in two hours’ time you can be at a West Coast beach.

Besides the fun and adventure of being near the mountains and beaches, Visalia has other amenities for all to enjoy. Baseball fans love going to Rawhide Park to watch a minor league baseball game. The park is close to downtown so you can easily walk to Main Street afterwards for dinner or drinks.

The Fox Theatre is one of those local gems that is beloved by the community. Here you can see musicals, concerts, ballet performances and classic movies. Some of the best lectures by visiting dignitaries and academicians are also presented at this popular venue.

With all of the amazing locally grown crops, the weekly farmer’s market in Visalia is a popular place to shop for a large selection of produce, nuts, honey, organic meat and eggs. For other shopping experiences, head over to the Visalia Mall, which offers 73 stores, or stroll through the downtown area for a wonderful selection of shops and boutiques.

Visalia is home to the College of the Sequoias and San Joaquin Valley College, both mid-sized two-year community colleges.

The median home value in Visalia is $230,100. Beverly Glen is a popular neighborhood for being centrally located and close to downtown.

If the idea of living in a friendly, affordable California city close to the mountains and beaches appeals to you, check out what Visalia has to offer.

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