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Warren, MI

Home to the powerhouse city of Detroit, the southeastern section of Michigan clearly has a lot going on. Only slightly outside this booming metropolis lies Warren, where residents bask in a quieter way of life, while also enjoying a thriving economy. Warren is probably best known for the presence of diverse industries, from educational to defense and beyond. In fact, Warren is home to the United States Army Detroit Arsenal, among others. The global hub for General Motors Corporation is also located in Warren, and is a huge local employer. The juggernaut shows little sign of leaving Warren, having recently invested more than $1 billion in the GM Technical Center campus, making it an ideal spot for up-and-coming engineers and other automotive enthusiasts. Not to be outdone, fellow automaker DaimlerChrysler also has its own manufacturing facilities in Warren proper.

Warren homes for sale are currently listed at an affordable median price of $129,974, which is no surprise since the city falls below the national cost of living average across the board. As a result, homes for sale in Warren can be found in neighborhoods at all price points, with good school districts and low crime rates, to boot!

As excellent as the local job opportunities are, Warren isn’t all about work, work, work. Musicians are sure to find their niche somewhere in Warren, be it at any of the local nightclubs or via one of the more traditionally focused groups, such as the Motor City Symphony Orchestra, Warren Concert Band or Warren Community Chorus, among others. The Warren Tri-County Fine Arts Association is another great resource for visually creative types, thanks to the group’s exhibits, classes and status as a general resource for the artistic community.

Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the year-round range of opportunities that Southeastern Michigan provides. From watersports and fishing on the nearby lakes during the warm months to skiing and snowboarding when the temps turn chilly, Warren and its surrounding areas offer incredible range. If high-intensity athletics isn’t really your scene, however, don’t worry — Warren painstakingly maintains many local parks and walking trails that are ideal for those interested in simply taking a breath of fresh air on occasion.

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