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Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital city is about politics, yes. But Washington D.C. has become a bustling city chock full of character and packed with hidden gems, and the place to be is Northwest D.C.

The neighborhood of Shaw, up and coming for a while, is now a full-blown hot spot with a vibrant and artistic vibe. New fitness studios, bars, restaurants and hip coffee shops are opening constantly. You’ll find everything from hole-in-the-wall bars to Michelin star-rated restaurants hidden within alleyways. Try a posh restaurant in Blagden Alley, nestled within Shaw. Other fun neighborhoods for young professionals include U Street, H Street (which has a great music scene) and Dupont. If you like Spanish food and tapas, famed chef Jose Andres has three restaurants in D.C. Keep an eye out for true love when you hit the town–a whopping 56 percent of D.C.’s residents are single.

With a median sale price of $625,000 and a median rent of $3,250 a month, D.C. is certainly not a cheap city. So, if you’re looking to stretch your money a little further, shop around in Navy Yard, Van Ness and Cleveland Park. Van Ness and Cleveland Park are both within Northwest D.C. but farther away from downtown, hence the smaller price tag. The upside is that many of the apartment buildings have pools.

A great area to check out on the weekends is Southwest Waterfront (the Wharf), which just opened in 2017. The area is being built up with restaurants and bars and a beautiful concert venue called The Anthem. Last, but not least, the classic D.C. sights of Georgetown and Capitol Hill Historic District are not to be missed. The quaint and posh neighborhood of Georgetown is perfect for strolling and shopping. And you have to check out the Capitol Building, National Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the White House (which is smaller than one might think). If you want museums, you’ve got them, D.C.’s Smithsonian Museums are all free to the public; news junkies and journalists must pay a visit (or three) to the Newseum.

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