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Waterfront, Seattle

The neighborhood of Waterfront is part of the city of Seattle, Washington.

Waterfront offers a variety of experiences for home buyers who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time in green spaces. This part of Seattle has numerous areas for those looking for a dynamic vibe. Despite the fact that there are usually many people around, there is a broad selection of entertainment venues, and with the bars in nearby neighborhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink as they are generally located very close by. Yesler Way in particular offers a vast selection of nightlife. There is not much greenery in this part of the city; although, most locations in the neighborhood have good access to public green spaces, such as Myrtle Edwards Park, since there are a few of them close by for residents to relax in.

Large apartment buildings are the predominant housing type, representing the overwhelming majority of the dwellings in Waterfront, while single detached homes make up most of the remaining housing stock. The average year of construction for dwellings in this part of the city is 1970. This neighborhood offers mainly lofts and one bedroom homes. Around 85% of the population of this neighborhood rent their home and 15% are owners.

Both general and specialty grocery stores are usually accessible within a very short walk from any location in this area. Additionally, those who enjoy dining out won't have to go far in this part of the city, where around 20 restaurants and a few cafes can be found. It is also a very short distance to a great variety of clothing stores. Regarding education, locals will welcome that wherever their property is situated in this area, both primary and secondary schools are nearby.

Waterfront affords property owners several alternative means of transportation. The public transit network in this neighborhood is very accessible due to about 10 nearby bus lines. Waterfront is also a very good part of Seattle for getting around by car. The street infrastructure is quite well suited for driving, and it is easy to come across a parking spot. It is straightforward for people walking to get around in Waterfront; most daily needs are very easy to carry out by walking, and countless businesses of different types can be found as well.

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