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West Arlington, Baltimore

The neighborhood of West Arlington can be found in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

People who prefer a relaxed atmosphere will enjoy West Arlington. This area is quiet, as there are generally low levels of noise from traffic. Lastly, although the neighborhood does not contain any parks, green spaces are especially well-spread out in nearby neighborhoods, making them easy to access.

In West Arlington, around half of buildings are single detached homes, while the rest are mainly small apartment buildings and townhouses. This neighborhood has a good variety of housing sizes, ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. Around 60% of the population of this neighborhood own their home and 40% are renters. A majority of the housing growth in this neighborhood took place before the 1960s.

It is very convenient to access the nearest grocery store by walking from any home in West Arlington. Additionally, a restaurant is commonly just around the corner. A reasonable selection of clothing stores is also available within a rather short walking distance. In terms of education, both primary and secondary schools are very easy to walk to from anywhere in West Arlington.

West Arlington presents property owners with several alternative means of transportation. This area is quite transit friendly. In particular, property owners benefit from a few bus lines, and bus stops are not very far away from most houses. Active people will also be pleased with the walk-friendly nature of West Arlington; running daily errands is convenient. It is easy to commute by bicycle in this part of Baltimore since there are a large number of bike lanes.

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