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West Side Industrial, Detroit

The neighborhood of West Side Industrial is located in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

West Side Industrial is a great area for those who enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Although the atmosphere is not the liveliest in this part of the city with the nightlife venues in nearby neighborhoods, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink because they are generally located very close by. On the other hand, there are a few green spaces nearby for residents to enjoy and they are especially well-spread out, making it easy to access them.

Renters occupy about 80% of the properties in the neighborhood while owners occupy the remainder. In this area, around 95% of the dwellings are large apartment buildings, and the remaining houses are mainly small apartment buildings. Most of the housing growth in this neighborhood took place between 1980 and 1990. This part of the city is especially good for those looking for one bedroom homes.

It is very often feasible for home buyers in West Side Industrial to buy their groceries on foot. Moreover, those who like to eat in restaurants will have a good number of options. Concerning education, in West Side Industrial, locals will usually be able to get to both primary and secondary schools by walking.

No matter the medium of transportation, it is convenient to get around in West Side Industrial. The fairly good public transit access allows people to get to many destinations without needing a vehicle thanks to a few nearby bus lines. Moving around by car is also especially convenient in West Side Industrial. The majority of homes for sale are a very short drive from the nearest highway, such as John C Lodge Freeway, and parking is generally easy. It is convenient for pedestrians to get around in West Side Industrial; running common errands is convenient.

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