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Westport, Baltimore

Westport is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland.

Westport offers a vast selection of green spaces to enjoy, despite its sometimes busy atmosphere. Most locations within the neighborhood have fairly good access to public green spaces, including Middle Branch Park, since there are a few of them nearby for residents to discover. Finally, this part of Baltimore is relatively quiet, as there are few pedestrians; however there can be higher levels of noise for those who are closer to Interstate 95 or the railway line.

The predominance of townhouses in the housing stock of Westport is an important part of its character. This part of Baltimore offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes. The split between renters and home owners is about even. Most of the housing growth in this area happened prior to the 1960s.

It is convenient to reach both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from anywhere in Westport. Additionally, those who like to eat in restaurants will have a good number of choices. In terms of education, it is a reasonably short walk to get to both primary and secondary schools from anywhere in this part of Baltimore.

Westport will draw house buyers that appreciate various modes of transportation. The public transit system in this neighborhood is reasonably good. For example, the neighborhood is linked by a few bus lines, and bus stops are usually nearby. Walking is also reasonably convenient for property owners in Westport; many day-to-day needs can be met on foot, and various businesses are close by. It is difficult to move around by bicycle in Westport since there is a considerable amount of hills. Nevertheless, there are a good number of bike lanes, and a few pleasant areas for bicycling can be found.

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