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Williamsville, NY

The village of Williamsville, New York is located in the Buffalo metropolitan area.

There is a great variety of green spaces in Williamsville. Green spaces, including Amherst State Park and Glen Park, are very well-spread out and there are a few of them nearby for residents to enjoy, making it easy to get to them from most locations in this part of the Buffalo metropolitan area. It is relatively serene in this village, since there are very few pedestrians.

Most of the housing growth in Williamsville took place prior to the 1960s. Most of the dwellings are single detached homes, making it easy to find detached homes in this part of the Buffalo metropolitan area, and the remaining houses are mainly large apartment buildings and duplexes. Roughly three quarters of the population of this village own their home whereas the remainder are renters. This village also has a good variety of housing size options; properties range from lofts to four or more bedrooms.

Primary as well as high schools are convenient to walk to from anywhere in Williamsville. With regards to eating, it is infrequently an option for house buyers in this village to do grocery shopping on foot. Nevertheless, getting to the closest pharmacy and accordingly some basic food items is usually convenient. There are also around 30 restaurants and cafes in Williamsville.

The preferred transportation option in Williamsville is usually a car. Many real estate listings are a rather short drive from the closest highway, and it is very convenient to park. However, the public transit network in Williamsville is not very practical. Thankfully, house owners have access to a few bus lines, and the closest bus stop is typically just around the corner. Walking is not very popular in Williamsville, although many daily errands can be run on foot.

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