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Yonkers, NY

New Yorkers are always in search of new neighborhoods, as the city becomes crowded and prices skyrocket. Thanks to this, the city of Yonkers is on the up-and-up. Located about 30 minutes outside Manhattan, abutting the Bronx, Yonkers has “long been regarded as a blue-collar stepchild of New York City,” says the New York Times. Now it’s becoming a hot spot for young professionals, as high-rise apartment buildings and trendy eateries (check out Yonkers Brewing Co.) and shops start popping up. Located right on the Hudson River, Yonkers offers urban life as well as wide open spaces of green.

Now, we said Yonkers is cheaper than New York City — but we didn’t say it’s cheap. The median sales price of homes is $471,600 and median rent per month is $2,300. Downtown Yonkers along the waterfront (you may hear the term SoYo thrown around) is where some new high-rise apartment complexes are going up. Hudson Park Complex and Modera Hudson Riverfront offer brand new, luxury apartments starting at about $2,000 a month. UNO is a unique complex also on the water that actually used to be the Otis Elevator Building (we forgot to mention, the modern elevator was invented in Yonkers). It houses 50 lofts and 50 micro flats.

Yonkers is traditionally an Irish and Italian neighborhood. The true locals here are salt-of-the-earth New Yorkers with a passion for the Yankees or the Mets — pick a side. McLain Avenue is famous for its Irish bars and pubs. St. Patrick’s Day is huge here and the city even has its own leprechaun. Jess Buzzutto was famous in town for being friendly and always wearing green. So much so, that he was nicknamed the Yonkers Leprechaun. Buzzutto passed away, but he is honored each year on Jess Buzzutto, Jr. Day. On the Italian end of things, you’ve got top-notch Italian delis that are famous all over the area. Try Zuppa for some traditional Italian pasta.

Hitting the slots and/or the track is a big thing around here. Empire City Casino and Raceway is one of the state’s most historic horse tracks. If you’re looking for a little piece of nature and serenity, there are some beautiful spots in Yonkers. Untermyer Gardens is a 43-acre park on the Hudson, with a rock garden and a Grecian-style amphitheater. History lovers will want to check out Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site, a beautiful Georgian-style house where British loyalist Frederick Philipse III once lived.

Fun fact: Famous people like Ella Fitzgerald, Jon Voight and Steven Tyler once called Yonkers home.

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