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Yuma, AZ

Deep in the southwestern corner of Arizona lies Yuma, which although hot in the summer boasts winters so pleasant that the city’s population nearly doubles from its standard 100,000. Situated on the border of both California and Mexico, Yuma is known as the “sunniest place on Earth,” and for good reason. Sun-seekers move to Yuma to enjoy the year-round outdoor activities, like rafting, swimming, boating or fishing in the Colorado River. This once wild waterway has since been tamed into submission to provide activities and water for many thousands of people across multiple states and two countries. Yuma’s climate makes it ideal for agriculture, with the area churning out more than 175 different crops, like melons, citrus and lettuce. The U.S. military also has a major presence in Yuma, with the Marine Corps Air Station and the Yuma Proving Ground both top employers in the area. The tourism industry is also alive and well, again thanks to the area’s unbeatable winters. Yuma homes for sale are currently listed at a median price of $210,000. Homes for sale in Yuma can be found at all price points in popular neighborhoods, like Yuma Country Club, Falls Ranch and Tillman Estates,

As the gateway to the Old West, Yuma has plenty of rowdy history to relate. Visit the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park to see and experience real iron cells that housed actual outlaws. You can even ascend the reconstructed guard tower, which offers a panoramic view of the city below. Other activities that are uniquely Yuma include farm and breeding farm tours and taking in the races at the local speedway.

There’s also plenty of culture to be found in the area, particularly because of the city’s proximity to Mexico and the fact that it was originally inhabited by Cocopah and Quenchen Native American tribes. Residents and visitors alike also enjoy the paved pathway along the riverfront, which is ideal for cycling, walking or leisurely strolls. Only 20 miles west of Yuma lies a real treat for off-roading enthusiasts, in the form of the Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area. This 40-mile stretch along the California border is a natural sand box that attracts more than a million visitors per year! Of course, make time to visit Main Street in city proper, which is largely considered the heart of Old Yuma, to shop, dine and generally enjoy the local vibe.

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